The National Hypnosis Group: Real Or Not?

There are many advertisements that refer to the National Hypnosis Group, which can be viewed in local newspapers as well as magazine publications. The gist of these advertisements is the claim to help clients lose weight as well as stop smoking thanks to the immense powers of hypnosis. It would not be uncommon to read about the “Risk Free 110% Guarantee” as well as “Stop Smoking permanently in just 21/2 hours Guaranteed or 110% of your money back on the spot!”

Low Rating From BBB

However, if you do get taken in by these claims on the part of National Hypnosis Group, you should be prepared for the worst as this group does not enjoy good ratings with the BBB, and this low and unsatisfactory rating is mainly due to the poor customer service that one experiences with them. You could often find that your complaints go unanswered.

In fact, a visit to their website should see you being confronted with the claim that “In just ONE hypnosis treatment Guaranteed or 100% of your money back ON THE SPOT”. If you want more information regarding the National Hypnosis Group, then you will find that it is the brainchild of Donald A. Kahl, who is a one-time school teacher as well as basketball coach from Indiana who learnt the art of hypnosis in 1962 and has since taken to hypnotizing people of all persuasions.

After having taught hypnosis at Indiana University, Kahl has also hypnotized many famous people, entertainers as well as other professional hypnotists. In fact, the National Hypnosis Group is huge being numero uno in the United States as far as Stop Smoking and Weight Loss is concerned, and it has more than forty years of hypnotizing experience to its credit.

Once you take the decision to try out the National Hypnosis Group’s hypnotizing services, you can expect a demonstration on how a person gets hypnotized, which includes some amazing demonstrations on volunteers. After that, a half hour is devoted to those who wish to lose weight, which is followed by another half an hour of hypnosis treatment targeting the smokers who wish to quit smoking.

The cost of these hypnosis sessions is about forty dollars by cash and fifty dollars by check, while children that are aged between twelve and sixteen can attend free of charge. You can also buy an audio CD set at the seminar if you find this hypnosis seminar to be especially more to your liking.